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Monday, March 15, 2010

Information Processing Eastern thought vs Western thought

I researched information processing today from 2 websites. A great place to start online learning any new concepts is Wikepedia.org. The website is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_processing_theory. Even though the website was short, key terms are highlighted for further research. The website divided the information in different sections. One “The four main beliefs in information processing approach” and two “ The structure of information-processing system” both were easy to comprehend. One negative is not all the words highlighted had specific definitions. Other terms had specific definitions and words highlighted.

The second article read from Newsweek Magazine West Brain, East Brain; What a difference culture makes from March 1 2010 is a summary of a study comparing brain activity from western and eastern people. Today, studies are beginning to reveal the importance of culture. Culture affects how people think and learn. Western culture focus is on the individual. How can I benefit? Eastern culture is focused on the community. How can the community benefit we are focused on the individual and easterners on us. Even when it comes to math, a 2006 study revealed different regions of the brain are accessed. The math problem is as simple as 3+4.

Cultural neuroscience is beginning to find that we are not alike depending on our cultures. I hope this field expands to African thought, Native American thought and so on. I wonder how much this makes a difference around the world. So far, we are discussing two different thoughts but I would like to see this field expand.

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