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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a teacher in a large urban school located in Philadelphia. Also, I am currently enrolled at Walden University. This a blog created for Instructional Design.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adult leaner become smarter.

Even though online learner is not the same as a classroom, I attempted to create a classroom setting with technology. I enjoy sitting in a classroom setting participating in with students and the teacher. Online learning is flexible for a workaholic like me working as a teacher. The day consists of teaching high school students during the school day and adults in evening school. My primary purpose for enrolling in instructional design is to become a better teacher. As an adult learner, I have changed my learning style in an online format.

I realized using technology could simulate classroom learning in multiple ways. It cannot replace sitting in a classroom of adult learners and an instructor. In a classroom my preferred style of learning is direct instruction. Direct instruction allows speaking, reading and listening for an adult learner in a majority of grad classes. In missing a traditional setting, technology has helped bridge the gap. Today, adult learners can access videos from websites watching presentations about a topic. The information may come from an instructor or a student. This helps to simulate a classroom lecture for my auditory learning style. During the video, I take notes like a did during a lecture.

In reading assignments, I still use techniques learned in high school. I highlighting main ideas and supporting facts occasionally stopping to review the material. After a long day, my mind is scattered and review helps me encode topics. Reading, listening and watching the information helps me encode the information. Using these three intelligences is better than one. I miss speaking with other students in discussion for further clarity. I do this by posting questions or thoughts in a chat section of the class. Online learning is different for everyone. It offers an opportunity for adult learners to continue their education without drastic sacrifices to their lifestyles.

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